Canadian-Jamaican designer Kevin Allwood’s ethos is about modernizing our way of thinking and realizing the power we have as people, through our choices, to be agents of change every day.

By combining high-fashion design with human values and ethical practices, KEVIN ALLWOOD provides a way forward through a world in desperate need of evolution and growth; more love and more humanity. We believe that there is no need to compromise wearing luxury fashion to be socially responsible – KEVIN ALLWOOD brings both elements together in a seamless way.

We believe that each garment should be made with love, attention to detail and by people who are treated fairly and paid well. Life is about supporting each other – not profiting on other people’s misfortunes for the sake of fashion.  Currently the KEVIN ALLWOOD collection is designed and made by our sewing team in our private Atelier in Toronto. We also work alongside the Ethical Fashion Initiative to produce bags and accessories in West Africa and Haiti. As we continue to evolve, our goal is to build our very own production house in Africa.

We believe in respecting the planet and our environment as well as the skin we live in. By continuing to source as many sustainable and natural materials as possible, we hope to not only to protect the environment – but also remove the toxins from the clothing we wear daily on our bodies.

As a vegan brand, we respect animals and believe in protecting them from any harm. We do not use any leather, fur or wool is our designs – we instead promote a cruelty-free philosophy and way of life – as we continue to look for new and exciting sustainable man-made materials.

We are committed to be a responsible business – with every decision we make – we put ethics above everything. It is all about feeling good – inside and out.