Lonii in Kevin Allwood Bridal

Lonii in Kevin Allwood Bridal

Modern Bride

If you hadn’t seen a goddess before, Lonii Garnons-Williams certainly is one.

The professional contemporary dancer wore one of Kevin Allwood’s glamorous creations; The Gold Sequin Halter Dress.

 The dress was custom made for Lonii and fit her like a glove. With a thick gold chain used as a halter, the lightweight sequins flowed to the ground – As if she were dripping in liquid gold.

 The wedding took place in Australia, where the bride stole the light and each gold sequin glistened underneath the sun – She is an absolute goddess!

Prepare to be blown away by these amazing photos that truly display the beauty of love and happiness.

On behalf of the KA Team, we are sending you all of our Love and Blessings.