Shannel for Kevin Allwood

Shannel for Kevin Allwood

Hello Shannel … Hello

How are you doing … I am always doing well.

How magical is your life right now.
Every day is a blessing and is better than the last. I am following my dreams and living my dreams. My health is great, and I’m surrounded by people that I love and who love me. My life has never been more magical. I am living a positive life and following a successful path, filled with love, hardships that continue to make me better and stronger, and also things that add to my happiness.

What kindles your creative flame.
Knowing the possibilities of creation are endless if I think if I can create it. Also knowing that every time I make something my skills sharpen, I evolve as a producer more and more every day. I always try and challenge myself to become the Best and creative version of myself.

Describe your creative process
It’s different every time I sit down to work on something. Sometimes I can get inspiration when I’m not in the studio. I could hear something somewhere or think of lyrics before I go to the studio. When I get there I usually go through my voice notes and notes to see if I’ve got any ideas that I’ve come up with, then I start creating. I carefully tweak and tune all my drums, Because of my background in piano, I usually come up with some melodies first then add my drums and my bass. I love a lot of electro and dubstep synths. hard hitting drums and thumping bass.

Do you think we choose to be creative, or does creativity choose us.
I feel in my case I was chosen. Growing up in my home my Mother was a piano teacher I never took lessons from her, around the age of three I would sit at the piano for hours and just learn the keys. I was just fascinated by the sound of the piano. that’s where it all started. The way it happened I feel “Music” chose me.

If you were not doing music what would you be doing
I am actually currently going to York University, I am taking Cognitive Science in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Psychology. Music is my first love, I have realized over the years, my interest in helping people who seek help has also become very important to me. #MentalHealthAwarness

How important is travelling to your creative process
Traveling is very important, it feeds the soul to see different places and even ways of life, which can inspire different energy put into the creation process. sounds, vibes… Culture influenced music, mixed with other roots. seeing how people around the world interact with different types of music. From hip-hop to house, to reggae, to African. It can inspire different sounds and even give an opportunity to add those styles to one’s music. 

How cool is the name “Shannel Best” 

My mom loved the name Shannel, my dad wanted to spell it Chanel, but my mom spelled it Shannel, so that’s where I got that from. My Dads name is Keith C. Best, My sisters’ name is Tanisha Best, my brothers’ names are Theo and Dareion Best. I am Shannel Best. Best Comes from my Grand Father Keith C. Best who is half Bajan (Barbados) and half Honduran, Best comes from the Honduran side of my family. 

How do you handle negativity. 

I try and avoid negativity at all costs. I live a pretty peaceful/positive life and have made sure I keep my circle of friends small and in harmony with my positive vibes. staying positive has also attracted more positive people and situations in my life. If I do come across a negative situation that I have to deal with I just break it with positive actions thoughts and words. The mind is very powerful when positive thoughts are running through it… It could move mountains. : ) What is trap music 

There are 2 styles of trap music, There’s Trap which comes in the style of hip- hop, heavy 808’s which is a type of low-end sub kick, rolling hi-hats, the sounds can vary… Always having a rapper on the trap beats, usually talking Drugs, Sex and Money. Trap music is usually from the “trap”. The other style of trap music is a house style of trap music, which has more “drops” and minimal vocals and a lot of different sounds. The definition of Trap in the Urban dictionary is this; The area where drug deals are carried out 

Would you consider rapping, or is this something you are already doing in studio.

I am actually working on my own project, which I will be rapping on some of my own singles. I have already released some singles and am planning on releasing an album later in the summer! I actually got into production after starting in the music as a rapper. After searching for beats, I couldn’t ever find any that I was really feeling. So I decided to start making my own and that’s how I got into production. Now I am ready to get myself back on the mic. : ) 

What effect will Trump have on Trap music 

Haha, I love this question!! I don’t think Trump will have any effect on trap music! Lol, Good luck America for the next 4 years. 

Will popular music become more positive in its messaging 

Music is always changing and evolving. I feel that hip hop will always have its street, derogatory, messages. That’s just where it has evolved, with that being said there are other artists and styles of music that have more positive messages for the listener. 

Who is Ms. Shannel Best 

I am a positive spirit. A woman with drive and ambition, I have rebel tendencies… A sassy attitude only when necessary. Overall I love to love and good energy. I wish everyone well and what they deserve. My focus is making me the best version of myself and helping people around me reach their full potential with strong words of encouragement… I believe we are all winners, we just have to find what we can win at, the rest is just belief in self. I am Shannel Best.