We walked into KA SPACE not knowing if it was a woman’s clothing store, a modern art gallery, or an event space. It is all those things and so much more! That’s when we met Kevin Allwood, designer, photographer, musician, artist, and all round exceptional human being. Together with his wife Ashley, they are the creator/owners of KA SPACE. It is by no means an exaggeration to say that our lives were transformed and enriched that day and the day’s since we have known Kevin and Ashley. The Clothing – what did we know about ethical fashion – nothing … clothes are clothes right? We could not have been more wrong. Needless to say, Kevin is a brilliant designer and his fashions are chic, sexy and comfortable. We get endless compliments when wearing a Kevin Allwood creation, or an accessory from one of the other artists that Kevin showcases in the store. But is it not just about the look, it’s about how it makes us feel. The fabrics are simply incredible, they give us positive energy and they feel so good against our skins. What started as one dress for Daniela, has grown into a mini-collection of Kevin Allwood originals – from casual to formal, and back again. The Space – KA SPACE is organic.  It has a life of its own, or so you would think as every visit the mannequins, the tables, the fashion and the art changes. It is like the place is alive and at night, when nobody is there, it reinvents itself for the morning. We did not know what a “zen” place was until we visited KA SPACE. It is a relaxing environment whether just browsing, enjoying the art, coming in for a unique tea creation, or having a custom fitting. Sometimes on a Saturday, we just drop in to recharge our energy. Of course KA SPACE needs sales to exist, but it does not start there. Kevin starts out to get to know who you … he builds a relationship, and from there he adapts his creations to fit with the person that you are. Shopping at KA SPACE is a very unique experience, in fact, it is not shopping at all. The People – come to visit and become part of the family. Kevin and Ashley invite you into their space, yes I mean KA SPACE, but I also mean “their space”. They are warm, genuine, caring people and their positive energy is palpable and infectious. Daniela and I have gained a better life balance as a result of our many conversations with Kevin, and we have met many new friends through KA SPACE. Our lives have been truly enriched through knowing Kevin and Ashley and by having KA SPACE in our neighborhood. It’s like the words from Hotel California, “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”.

Michael and Daniela



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