2020 HOME


As we all collectively live through this new global reality, our team is sending love and gratitude to all of you.  We know this situation is not an easy one, but we believe – as with any challenge – this will make us stronger, as long as we allow the lessons and truths to be seen and learned from.

Our 185 Carlaw store is now closed indefinitely. Please visit us at our 1183 Queen street East Cafe, where we have delicious takeout available, as well as a fresh new KASPACE MARKET concept. 

 Be Sure to Order your KA MARKET BOXES for healthy farm-fresh produce boxes available every weekend!

See you soon.


We believe in the power of good vibes. 

KA SPACE was founded in 2015 by Kevin Allwood, fashion designer and ethical entrepreneur, as a meeting point between fashion, design, art and lifestyle. With the end goal to enrich the holistic retail experience and expand into food, hospitality and wellness – Allwood has infused his own personal good vibes and essence into everything he touches.

This energy translates into our ethically created fashion collection, and also finds itself in the products we curate, our wellness services and in the meals served within our cafe.  Allwood Agency is our in-house branding and web company with which we collaborate with consciously-built brands to elevate the creative experience.

With our flagship retail destination and first cafe location in Toronto – the experience and the vibe is key.  In a world that moves so fast, it is sometimes underestimated the impact that an infusion of this positive energy can have.   For us it is not about changing the world…it is instead about doing our small part – daily. From the ethical fabrics we choose in our clothing, to the manufacturing processes and ingredients in our food – it is our mission to respect the planet so we may continue to spread love and positivity to all who enter our presence and to those who take a piece of us home.

Welcome to KA SPACE.